The majority of poeple are already accustomed to concrete shingle roofs as they are the most commonly used type of home material used in the South-East states. However, if you are getting a new roof or a new development, it’s wise to consider all the different kinds of roofing products offered by recommended contractors like Gen819 Roofing & Solar.

To help you choose the most appropriate product for your house, we suggest you ask the following:

  • How long does each type of material last?
  • How does each material tolerate natural disasters?
  • Will it match your home’s style?
  • What is the cost of each material?
  • What kind and what frequency of maintenance does it need?

Aside from asphalt, common roofing products include clay and concrete tiles, slate, artificial roofing types, and wood or metal.

Wood Or Cedar Roofing

If you are going for a more natural and rustic appearance for your home, one that meshes effortlessly into your surroundings, then a wood roof is your best bet. As it gets older, it creates a distinct creased exterior. The majority of wood roofs are also fabricated from western red cedar wood due to the tree’s power to tolerate decay, flat grain, dimensional balance, and liquid impenetrability. When set up properly, wood roofs have a life cycle of up to 40 years, however, they may need some occasional maintenance to get rid of mold, fungi, and debris.

Wood roofs are great in regions exposed to heavy winds or storms. However, they are prone to fire and should be addressed with a fire retardant solution. In regions with high amounts of rainfall, you may need to clean up your roof more often. Unlike other roofing options, wood is heavier and costlier. However, if you like its rustic appearance and are willing to do additional maintenance if necessary, a wooden roof will be appropriate for your home.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are constructed from steel, copper, aluminum, or zinc alloys. They are typically one of the most expensive roof products, at least in the first place. However, unlike other materials, they need minimal maintenance work and are highly resistant to heavy winds, fires, heat, and blizzards. They are also green-friendly as they are made with recycled materials that can be recycled again afterward, in case they are replaced.

Some homeowners are not sold on having a metal roof, assuming that their home will look like it has a tin cover. However, metal roofs have improved vastly over time, and many new styles are launched to resemble clay, shingle, cedar shake, tile, or slate. Furthermore, metal roofs are available in a wide range of color options, allowing homeowners more versatility to customize the appearance of their home. In case you want more of a “fix it-forget it” option, a metal roof is your answer.