Do you intend to switch your house’s siding soon? If YES, we have some good news! There is currently a massive range of materials, styles, textures, and shades to choose from. However, there are a few important factors to consider when you sort your way through all these choices.

Vinyl Siding

This is the most commonly used siding material because of its low cost and low maintenance. It’s also warping, pest, and water-resistant but may be prone to cracking or rattling.

Plastic Siding

Another roof siding option that needs little maintenance and looks similar to cedarwood. It’s thicker than vinyl siding and is more weather-resistance, but costlier compared to vinyl.

Fiber Concrete Siding

This highly popular siding option is a mixture of concrete, cellulose, and sand. It also resembles wood in terms of appearance, but it costs more than vinyl siding. Although it is resistant to fire and pests, it is susceptible to water damage and generally needs to be repolished and repainted occasionally through its lifespan.

Wood Siding

This is a conventional siding material pick but the pricier of all these options and while it’s resistant to weather impact, it is susceptible to rotting, warping, and pests.

So how can you make the best siding choice for your house?

1. Your budget.

Certainly, you want to reap the most for your buck, but you may need to figure out if you wish to swap a costlier material e.g plastic for a product that you will have to replace periodically e.g plastic for vinyl.

2. How long do you intend to stay in your home?

According to expert Angie Hicks, you should anticipate an ROI of 80% on your new siding after a few years. Therefore if you plan to stay in your home for good, it’s better to invest in siding that may cost more initially but lasts longer.

3. What meshes with the style and structure of your home best?

In case you own an older home, fiber and wood-concrete siding may blend ideally with your house’s style or with other home styles in your area. On the contrary, wood siding may appear more unique and distinct in a neighborhood filled with colorful vinyl homes.

4. Do any homeowner coalitions rules influence your choice?

Some associations have certain standards and regulations when it comes to the color and style of residences in the area. This may restrict your choices, especially of color.

5. What maintenance frequency are you willing to keep up with?

If the appearance of fiber cement appeals to you and you are fine with having your siding repolished every now and then, this would be a great pick. However, if you have a holiday home and don’t want to bother yourself with periodic maintenance, vinyl might be a better option.